Sunday, March 25, 2012


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  1. Fine analysis of the matter by HR for everybody's information.
    It is pity that majority of UNHRC members who voted for the resotuion has failed to fully evaluate speedy actions taken and out comes achieved by Sri Lankan Govt.within a short period of time to reconcile ethic harmony, safe guarding everyone freedom to live anywhere in the country, rehabilitation of child solders, re settlement of displaced people and enjoy life. People of Sri Lanka are enjoying fruits of such actions and changes. These human rights were deprived for Sri Lankan for over 3 decades by ruthless LTTE seperatists. World at large is praying and yearning for peace and harmony all over the world. Will these so called high powered world forums meant for human rights and freedom truly support to fulfil wishes of peace loving people at large through resolution of this kind? Will this kind of decisions encourage governments who are truly committed for welfare of its citizens? Are these decision pay tributes to such Govts.for being exemplary ?I am at a loss to understand this kind of state of affairs today!!!
    NW-Peace loving Resident in Canada


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