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By Hasaka Ratnamalala

Even though Sri Lankan Government won the war against Tamil Tigers, they are not winning the media war directed against them by Tamil Tigers and their affiliated partners. One major reason for that is “Tamil Tigers” industry. Tamil tigers are not only a terrorist organization but it also has become a massive “industry” in the county and in the Diaspora. Even though Tamil tigers are gone for good,” industry” still exists. If the Sri Lankans wanted to have a real peace in their country, it should find ways and moves to destroy the “Tamil Tiger” industry sooner than later.

Whoever, engaged in “Tamil Tiger” Industry, still making good money. Even in the economic disasters in US and Europe or the anti terrorist funding laws in the same countries couldn’t even touch or bring down this industry.

There are people in the Diaspora who never been employed in their life time; but driving Volvos, Benzes and Cadillacs. There are also many none Tamils such as Journalists, media organizations and NGO personnel who are actively living upon “Tamil Tiger” industry; will they be silent if there is a danger to their livelihood? No, they will do whatever necessary to keep the industry going. Recent Channel 4 video on Sri Lanka is one such desperate attempt to save the “Tamil Tiger” industry.

Normally in the business world, if you are a CEO of a publicly trading company and lied to boost your stock you will end up in jail. But in the Tamil Tiger industry it is different; they will treat you like a hero. Not only that you will gain lots of wealth as well.

Just take a look at and see how much money they have earned from the recent wave of Sri Lanka bashing. Forget about all the foreign trips and speech requests; received by the director of the Channel 4 film. How about Channel 4 earnings from it? How about all of a sudden, NGO reports on Sri Lanka such as recent ICG report; timed to be published into to this occasion. How much do you think they earned from the report.

It seems that, Sri Lanka is an unforgettable moneymaking machine for some International and Local NGOs seems to be acting as franchises of the main “Tamil Tiger” Industry. Because they also depend on propaganda pictures and videos and speeches made public by the “Industry”. Shamefully, some NGOs use these Tamil Tiger propaganda material without even testing or verifying the accuracy of the item. They publish these reports and make money.

According to “The Island” (News paper) Three (3) Sri Lankan NGOs namely Centre for Policy Alternatives, National Peace Council and Transparency International Sri Lanka which all are franchised partners of the “Tamil Tiger” industry received Rs.618.33 Million between 2008 and 2010.

These donations came from according to “The Island”, Meyers Norris Penny Ltd RM (Canada), Canadian International Development Agency, Berghof Foundation (Germany), Facilitating Local Initiatives for Conflict Transformation (Germany), Stichting Cordaid (The Netherlands), Norwegian Embassy, Commission Des Communautes (Norway), ICT for Peace Foundation (Switzerland), Dep. F. Auswaert, Angelegenheiten (Switzerland), Swedish Embassy, Swedish International Development Agency, Goldman Sachs Grant (UK), Minority Rights GRP Ltd BCA (UK), European Commission, Transparency International Division (UK), Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (UK), European Union, Diakonia (US), Forum of Federations/Forum Des (US), International Media Support (US), the Ford Foundation (US), Fredskorpset Bergen (US), National Endowment for Democracy (US), Partnership for Transparency Fund (US) and Academy for Educational Development (US).

In Canada, as I remember in 2010, one of our friends at a Canadian Parliamentary Committee hearing challenged the Canadian Government to show if a penny has gone to the suffering people in Sri Lanka from the money the government of Canada donated in the previous year (2009) on Sri Lanka. Canadian government didn’t take the challenge, had tight lips as they knew the money suppose to be spent in Sri Lanka were spent on administration work of Ottawa office in one of the big Canadian NGOs.

Did anyone thought about timely arrival of refugee ship to Indonesia, heading either towards Australia or Canada. How much do you think the human smuggling branch of the “Tamil Tiger” industry charged for each person in that ship? With regards to Canada There are set of lawyers and some local Tamil organizations happen to know beforehand and they happened to be in Vancouver each time these ships arrived in Vancouver, British Colombia. These are just some the major events but there are more franchised events happening every corners of the world where ever the Tamil Tiger Diaspora exists. It almost becomes a pattern.

This is how it works. First Industry manipulate the media (there the industry and media both earn money), then NGOs come in and issue reports (and make money), then comes “Industry” back again and bring the ship (make money again).

As long as “Tamil Tiger Industry exists Sri Lankans can expect more and more smear campaigns coming out from affiliated media and timely support from different “Tamil Tiger” franchises. It’s time to fight all these, for the sake of all Sri Lankans who suffered from the clutches of terrorism for thirty long years

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  1. Excellent analysis. But I wonder the whether Sri Lankan Government can comprehend the gravity of the situation


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