Friday, April 29, 2011

Abusing Sri Lanka to hide own problems - Tamilnadu Realities (Part 2)

By Hasaka Ratnamalala

Almost all Tamilnadu politicians use Sri Lankan issue very often in their day to day political life. But, except few LTTE funded hit men, all these politicians neither want a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka nor a pro LTTE wings established in Tamilnadu. Reason is that they are more “Indian” than “Tamil” and Indians do not want another Kashmir in its southern tip. At least these Tamilnadu politicians respect the vision of Indian Central government. Therefore they only use it to the extent of getting votes and humiliate other political parties depend on the side they take at the time.

Even recent Darusman report will not get India’s support, as main intention of the report is to bring US and Western influence in to South Asia and it will definitely and effectively challenge and sideline India’s role as the regional leader. Therefore there will not be an effective support from India or Tamilnadu for the report. It will only confine to routine mudslinging among political parties.

As an example, current Tamilnadu opposition leader Ms. Jayalalitha Jayaram during the final days of Sri Lankan conflict totally backed Sri Lankan Government. She in fact severely criticized LTTE for holding Tamil civilians as a human shield, and for that she was in the LTTE hit list for some time. But today she is asking a war crimes tribunal for president Rajapaksha. Then the ruling DMK comes in and criticizes Jayalalitha’s previous stand and question her intention. We can see more of these politicians hitting each other using Sri Lankan issue in the next few months; because current ruling party is in hot water over 2G spectrum scandal and they are desperately looking for a scape goat. Already chief Minister Karunanidhi’s own daughter Kanimozhi been named as one of the co-conspirators of the scandal by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Meanwhile Tamilnadu election ended without any heavy usage of Sri Lanka as an issue. But in the week before the election, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi tried to resurrect the issue, but failed. Even Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha’s “Who did what for Tamils? Contest” didn’t help much either. Karunanidhi’s monolog on how he helped Sri Lankan Tamil movement or Jayalalitha’s reply to that didn’t even touch the voters mind; they only were interested in who and how well the politicians would bribe them.

During her address in a rally Chennai Mrs. Gandhi said, “We are pressurising the Sri Lankan government to ensure the rights of Tamils, the government of India has given money and materials for the relief and rehabilitation of the Tamils in Sri Lanka” she further said. But no one questioned her about millions of own Tamilnadu homeless, who wake up every day in the dusty and stinking streets in Chennai suburbs and die in those in hunger.
In fact no one in Tamilnadu state seems to be worrying about their rights, rehabilitation or, well-being. Not only that, none of the governments in the country spends money to rehabilitate these poor Indians either. According to statistics, in Tamilnadu there are over 146, 00000 people are living below poverty line.
Not only that, in Tamilnadu there are millions of citizens who suffer from cast violence; a recent video on you tube displays how cruel the caste system is. In the video a low cast law student was attacked by fellow high caste law students in a law school. But no one seems to take note on this huge elephant sitting their living rooms.

Human rights, rehabilitation or well-being of the poor and low cast people have been hidden in the closets for centuries. But Tamilnadu political heavies have no knowledge about them and they are getting wealthier day by day and shedding crocodile tears on Sri Lankan Tamils living across Polk straight just to get elected.

Meanwhile 23 year-old pro Viko man, R. Krishnamurthy in Tirunelveli village immolated himself last week. In his last letter to his friends he wrote that Tamilnadians should concern more on Sri Lankan Tamils; but unfortunately no one seems to take note on him. Instead, the Tamilnadians are enjoying their still unpacked 24 inch TV sets; which they received as a bribe to vote for DMK during the election. Even though having electricity to their households to turn that TV is just a dream.


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