Saturday, November 12, 2011

“Taxi Driver”, “Rambo” and “Api Wenuwen Api”

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


PART (2)
By Hasaka Ratnamalala
In any conflict there are people and groups malicious enough to make money out of the sufferings of human beings. At the end of any such conflict; while everyone else is enjoying the peace, these people and groups always look for new ways and methods to cultivate the conflict into new dimensions. With regards Sri Lanka’s conflict, this is the time that such people and groups are most active and the “Tamil Tiger “industry holds the monopoly in that.
“Tamil Tiger” Industry has a long history of manipulating media. It creates the buzz through media and paves the way, to other franchises of its own domain to make money. It may be a small venture such as printing a calendar with the picture of Prabakaran or it may be big businesses such as money laundering to arms deals or a cut from NGO money supposes to be sent to develop areas affected by the conflict. But at the end of the conflict, these businesses lost their appeal. Now they are trying to rebuild the lost enterprise with a new wave of media buzz. To have all back, they need an active conflict and supportive media partners.
Now in the wake of 3rd Channel 4 insult towards Sri Lanka, it has become an important task to unmask the “Tamil Tiger” industry and it’s Media Partners for the benefit of truth and the benefit of innocent civilians of Sri Lanka who deserve uninterrupted peace in their country.
In the beginning of its terrorism campaign Tamil Tigers used “Tamil Net” as the sole media partner of “Tamil Tiger Industry”, but gradually as industry grew into a massive level, it start hiring individuals and organizations from different backgrounds and in different countries.
While the war is going on Sri Lanka, these individuals were asked to carry out different psychological tasks, through their media. Making ex-parte media verdicts on Sri Lanka is the most common. Their targets were local politicians and general public in particular western countries; with the intention of gathering them against Sri Lanka and its people. Those who do not support their agenda were threatened. Politicians were threatened with votes and journalists with physically.
There are also some journalists who do not want to follow Tamil Tiger agenda. Stewart Bell of National post; is such Canadian journalist who received threats from “Tamil Tiger Industry” but didn’t obey the threats.
A female black journalist attached to a popular English News station in Toronto, confessed to this author, that she was bombarded with threatening emails just after airing a balanced news report on Sri Lanka. Due to the email threats she eventually stop reporting anything connected to Sri Lanka.
Threats for Tamil journalists never come out in public, due to the fear and character assassination followed by an attack. But we know that popular Tamil journalist DBS Jayaraj was once beaten in a Toronto parking lot by Tamil Tiger thugs.
Eventually “Tamil Tiger industry succeeded its agenda of creating a vacuum of news on Sri Lanka. This vacuum and methods of creating such vacuum are common to everywhere in the Diaspora. Once such vacuum is created; there is no one in the media daring to cross the line. Every one follows the orders without even knowing the facts and not knowing that they are following a “Tamil Tiger” industry strategy.
This strategy made any journalist or any media organization stay away from publishing or writing any positive news coming from Sri Lanka. Most media even shy away from going to press briefings of pro Sri Lanka sources in the Diaspora. Media freedom only meant to support “Tamil Tigers”.
In case of publishing a cruelty of Tamil Tigers (such as suicide bombing or mass killing by Tigers) they made sure to cut and paste following part at the end of every article.”The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels have been fighting for a separate homeland for minority Tamils in Sri Lanka's north and east since 1983”. This was a method to water down the pressure towards Tamil Tigers. These reporters neither highlighted nor mentioned in any of their news clips, that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam killed, most of the democratic Tamil Politicians and their families in Sri Lanka; in order to gain the sole proprietorship of Tamils and they are recruiting under aged Tamil kids as soldiers.
Meanwhile western media slowly start depend on “Tamil Net” for any news on Sri Lanka and “Tamilnet” quietly deployed its propaganda through western media. Here is one example how crafty they are. Look at this picture.

This picture was published by AFP news agency; but actually was an undated picture released on April 25, 2009 by pro-LTTE website “Tamilnet”; claiming a “Genocide of Tamils”, it further claimed that civilians are taking cover after an explosion caused by a government airstrike in the no-fire zone in Mullaitivu district. AFP published this picture without even analyzing or questioning its authenticity. This picture actually was a propaganda material created by “Tamil Tiger “industry through one of its staged events.
Look closely at this part of same picture.These people are not running for their life. They do not show any signs of threat to their life. They even are smiling. Look at this girl with a camera. She smiles. Her body language shows that she is instructing people to run in order to take pictures. This proves that this is not an actual scene but a staged event to take pictures. All the people in the pictures are actors. But, AFP was telling the world that Sri Lankan air force was indiscriminately bombing Tamil civilians.
There are hundreds of similar staged pictures on the web which were issued by “Tamilnet” and copied by western media without any hesitation.
Now at the end of the conflict “Tamil Tiger Industry” is trying to create the same buzz again through media organizations such as channel 4 but materials are the same material used earlier by “Tamilnet”.
Most journalists or media organizations follow “Tamil Tigers” for money; Channel 4 is a classic example. Just few months before Channel 4 start telecasting its “Tamil Tiger” propaganda; it was in the verge of closing down. Over 300 employees of this public corporation were on the edge of losing their jobs. Even there were discussions to amalgamate C4 with BBC in order to save the organization.
Even though Channel 4 is a British Government owned establishment it is mostly depend on advertisement money; which was decreasing due to financial meltdown in Western world. According to OFCOM the British media Regulator, Channel 4 needs at least up to £100 million to £150 million a year to survive and they were ready to pull the plug off, if channel 4 does not make the target.
Amalgamation with “Tamil Tiger” industry was a “do or die” experiment incorporated by Channel 4 to save itself from closing down; while destroying media ethics and jeopardising its own creditability. Its latest documentary on Sri Lanka just proved that Channel 4 is indeed in a deep desperate financial trouble.
But, who will believe these un-credible media? Of cause there are people in NGO circles depend on these type of so called “credible information”.
For most of the international NGOs, “Sri Lanka” was among the biggest budgeted accounts, during last 30 years. There were over 200 NGOs registered in Northern and Eastern parts of the Sri Lankan, during the conflict. Millions of dollars were claimed to be poured into these areas by these NGOs but at the end of the conflict what we see is nothing but name boards of those NGOs, then what happened to the money? What work they have done during last 30 years? There is more than enough evidence to prove that these NGOs pick pocketed and shared the money with the Tamil tigers.
Also, there are some closest friends of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, are among the believers of these so called “credible” information and they are trying to carry it as far as UNHRC meeting to be held in early next year even though with the risk of damaging credibility of the UN and its agencies.
An ex-UN official and Australian journalist Gordon Weiss is another major franchise holder of “Tamil Tiger Industry”. His Tamil Tiger sponsored book “Cage” seems to be a calculation of “Tamil Tiger” generated materials and he himself seems to be moving away from the contents of the book whenever he was questioned in public. His Tamil Tiger sponsored book launch became a disaster when he was questioned by Sri Lankan Diaspora activists and scaled down his earlier death toll from 40,000 (in the book) to 10,000 and when questioned.
At the UN, “Tamil Tiger Industry” hired another bankrupt media group named Inner City Press with a disgusting web site. A media organization claim to be reporting on UN matters but Tamil Tiger money made it to convert into an organization, only report adverse news on Sri Lanka at the UN.
We are waiting to unmask all these “Tamil Tiger” shadows in the western media for the sake of truth and uninterrupted peace in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile we are warning all media agencies and western politicians not to jeopardise your own credibility by align with “Tamil Tiger” industry.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011



By Hasaka Ratnamalala

Even though Sri Lankan Government won the war against Tamil Tigers, they are not winning the media war directed against them by Tamil Tigers and their affiliated partners. One major reason for that is “Tamil Tigers” industry. Tamil tigers are not only a terrorist organization but it also has become a massive “industry” in the county and in the Diaspora. Even though Tamil tigers are gone for good,” industry” still exists. If the Sri Lankans wanted to have a real peace in their country, it should find ways and moves to destroy the “Tamil Tiger” industry sooner than later.

Whoever, engaged in “Tamil Tiger” Industry, still making good money. Even in the economic disasters in US and Europe or the anti terrorist funding laws in the same countries couldn’t even touch or bring down this industry.

There are people in the Diaspora who never been employed in their life time; but driving Volvos, Benzes and Cadillacs. There are also many none Tamils such as Journalists, media organizations and NGO personnel who are actively living upon “Tamil Tiger” industry; will they be silent if there is a danger to their livelihood? No, they will do whatever necessary to keep the industry going. Recent Channel 4 video on Sri Lanka is one such desperate attempt to save the “Tamil Tiger” industry.

Normally in the business world, if you are a CEO of a publicly trading company and lied to boost your stock you will end up in jail. But in the Tamil Tiger industry it is different; they will treat you like a hero. Not only that you will gain lots of wealth as well.

Just take a look at and see how much money they have earned from the recent wave of Sri Lanka bashing. Forget about all the foreign trips and speech requests; received by the director of the Channel 4 film. How about Channel 4 earnings from it? How about all of a sudden, NGO reports on Sri Lanka such as recent ICG report; timed to be published into to this occasion. How much do you think they earned from the report.

It seems that, Sri Lanka is an unforgettable moneymaking machine for some International and Local NGOs seems to be acting as franchises of the main “Tamil Tiger” Industry. Because they also depend on propaganda pictures and videos and speeches made public by the “Industry”. Shamefully, some NGOs use these Tamil Tiger propaganda material without even testing or verifying the accuracy of the item. They publish these reports and make money.

According to “The Island” (News paper) Three (3) Sri Lankan NGOs namely Centre for Policy Alternatives, National Peace Council and Transparency International Sri Lanka which all are franchised partners of the “Tamil Tiger” industry received Rs.618.33 Million between 2008 and 2010.

These donations came from according to “The Island”, Meyers Norris Penny Ltd RM (Canada), Canadian International Development Agency, Berghof Foundation (Germany), Facilitating Local Initiatives for Conflict Transformation (Germany), Stichting Cordaid (The Netherlands), Norwegian Embassy, Commission Des Communautes (Norway), ICT for Peace Foundation (Switzerland), Dep. F. Auswaert, Angelegenheiten (Switzerland), Swedish Embassy, Swedish International Development Agency, Goldman Sachs Grant (UK), Minority Rights GRP Ltd BCA (UK), European Commission, Transparency International Division (UK), Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (UK), European Union, Diakonia (US), Forum of Federations/Forum Des (US), International Media Support (US), the Ford Foundation (US), Fredskorpset Bergen (US), National Endowment for Democracy (US), Partnership for Transparency Fund (US) and Academy for Educational Development (US).

In Canada, as I remember in 2010, one of our friends at a Canadian Parliamentary Committee hearing challenged the Canadian Government to show if a penny has gone to the suffering people in Sri Lanka from the money the government of Canada donated in the previous year (2009) on Sri Lanka. Canadian government didn’t take the challenge, had tight lips as they knew the money suppose to be spent in Sri Lanka were spent on administration work of Ottawa office in one of the big Canadian NGOs.

Did anyone thought about timely arrival of refugee ship to Indonesia, heading either towards Australia or Canada. How much do you think the human smuggling branch of the “Tamil Tiger” industry charged for each person in that ship? With regards to Canada There are set of lawyers and some local Tamil organizations happen to know beforehand and they happened to be in Vancouver each time these ships arrived in Vancouver, British Colombia. These are just some the major events but there are more franchised events happening every corners of the world where ever the Tamil Tiger Diaspora exists. It almost becomes a pattern.

This is how it works. First Industry manipulate the media (there the industry and media both earn money), then NGOs come in and issue reports (and make money), then comes “Industry” back again and bring the ship (make money again).

As long as “Tamil Tiger Industry exists Sri Lankans can expect more and more smear campaigns coming out from affiliated media and timely support from different “Tamil Tiger” franchises. It’s time to fight all these, for the sake of all Sri Lankans who suffered from the clutches of terrorism for thirty long years

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Saturday, July 16, 2011



Friday, June 24, 2011


By Hasaka Ratnamalala

Witnessing the destruction of mighty DMK which brought Jayalalitha Jayaram to the top seat in the state of Tamil Nadu, here I am sitting in the Chennai Airport passenger lounge waiting for the flight to take me to my final destination. During my travels in Sri Lanka and India I had the chance to put some attention on Sri Lankan media as well; according to Sri Lanka’s Sinhala media Jayalalitha’s victory was orchestrated by LTTE. Nonsense! As I pointed out in my previous articles on Tamil Nadu; almost all the political players have no concern on Tamils in Sri Lanka and they use Sri Lankan Tamils as Ginny pigs in their political campaigns and help the federal Indian government to tight its grip on Sri Lanka.
Also Jayalalitha`s victory was made possible not because of her popularity but just because of the massive corruption scandals carried out by DMK leader and his family of goons. Nothing else brought Jayalalitha in to the power. Therefore it is useless to talk about what Jayalalitha would do against Sri Lanka but it is important to open our eyes on what India’s central government would have in its basket for Sri Lanka. Concentrating only on Jayalalitha would blind fold us from the real issue.
It is true that India does not want a divided Sri Lanka and also true that it does not want a peaceful Sri Lanka either; as peace in the country will only help to loosen India’s grip and they are in a theary that a peaceful Sri Lanka would lead to a security threat to India. Therefore we have to anticipate more and more issues coming from Tamilnadu side; but we should without hesitation interpret them as they are coming from India itself.
According to my understanding except LTTE funded Viko and Seeman, there are no one to support LTTE in Tamil Nadu. They create the issues and Indian Central government is using them against Sri Lanka without giving credits to Viko or Seeman, using the principle that India is concern about Tamils; but in reality they are so frighten of Sri Lankan Tamils and also they are not properly treating Sri Lankan Tamils either. The refugee camps where Sri Lankan Tamils are living do not even have proper toilet facilities. It may be reasonable according to Tamil Nadu standards; as toilet facility is not an essential item and there is always a road side available for that purpose.
So many Sri Lankan Tamils I met in Tamil Nadu told me that they are mistreated in Tamil Nadu refugee camps and wanted to go back to Sri Lanka; but only they hear is misinformation coming from Viko gang about the situation in Sri Lanka. I don’t think Sri Lankan high commission in New Delhi or the Chennai Consul General`s office doing any good job on countering these misinformation. Even though Sri Lankan coast is only few miles away, misinformation campaign we see in Chennai is similar to what we experience in North America or Europe. Even though India is boasting about a much democratic media tradition, we don`t see any democracy especially in electronic media when publishing misinformation on Sri Lanka.
I think it is time for Sri Lankan government to start a straight conversation with India on what India’s real concerns are and should not let them hanging on to Tamil Nadu factor any further. Because Tamil Nadu is not a part of Sri Lanka and what ever happen in Tamil Nadu should be India’s issue not ours and wise versa.
As long as Sri Lanka allows India to entertain Tamil Nadu concerns over Sri Lanka; Tamil Nadu political heavies will make sure that Sri Lankan Tamils never integrate into mainstream as Sri Lankans. For that Sri Lanka should push India into the wall. For that we have pretty strong baits to hang onto.
1. India never wanted a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka.
2. India never wanted any Western super powers or China in Indian Ocean.
Similar situation unknowingly took place during the time of Ranil Wickramasinghe government when he was going to sign Seize Fire Agreement with LTTE; where India forced Sri Lanka to sign a security deal with them just to make sure whatever agreement Ranil signed with LTTE does not undermine India’s security. It is reasonable that we guarantee the security of our big brother neighbour; but it is very unreasonable that we are allowing India to put its finger in our domestic issues in order to entertain Tamil Nadu concerns.
As one of the leading players in Ranil’s cabinet at that time, Prof. G.L. Peris should know better and should have used his previous experience in his current role as the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka when negotiating with India. A proper defence agreement with India will guarantee our sovereignty rather than we continuing to entertain Tamil Nadu.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Abusing Sri Lanka to hide own problems - Tamilnadu Realities (Part 2)

By Hasaka Ratnamalala

Almost all Tamilnadu politicians use Sri Lankan issue very often in their day to day political life. But, except few LTTE funded hit men, all these politicians neither want a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka nor a pro LTTE wings established in Tamilnadu. Reason is that they are more “Indian” than “Tamil” and Indians do not want another Kashmir in its southern tip. At least these Tamilnadu politicians respect the vision of Indian Central government. Therefore they only use it to the extent of getting votes and humiliate other political parties depend on the side they take at the time.

Even recent Darusman report will not get India’s support, as main intention of the report is to bring US and Western influence in to South Asia and it will definitely and effectively challenge and sideline India’s role as the regional leader. Therefore there will not be an effective support from India or Tamilnadu for the report. It will only confine to routine mudslinging among political parties.

As an example, current Tamilnadu opposition leader Ms. Jayalalitha Jayaram during the final days of Sri Lankan conflict totally backed Sri Lankan Government. She in fact severely criticized LTTE for holding Tamil civilians as a human shield, and for that she was in the LTTE hit list for some time. But today she is asking a war crimes tribunal for president Rajapaksha. Then the ruling DMK comes in and criticizes Jayalalitha’s previous stand and question her intention. We can see more of these politicians hitting each other using Sri Lankan issue in the next few months; because current ruling party is in hot water over 2G spectrum scandal and they are desperately looking for a scape goat. Already chief Minister Karunanidhi’s own daughter Kanimozhi been named as one of the co-conspirators of the scandal by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Meanwhile Tamilnadu election ended without any heavy usage of Sri Lanka as an issue. But in the week before the election, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi tried to resurrect the issue, but failed. Even Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha’s “Who did what for Tamils? Contest” didn’t help much either. Karunanidhi’s monolog on how he helped Sri Lankan Tamil movement or Jayalalitha’s reply to that didn’t even touch the voters mind; they only were interested in who and how well the politicians would bribe them.

During her address in a rally Chennai Mrs. Gandhi said, “We are pressurising the Sri Lankan government to ensure the rights of Tamils, the government of India has given money and materials for the relief and rehabilitation of the Tamils in Sri Lanka” she further said. But no one questioned her about millions of own Tamilnadu homeless, who wake up every day in the dusty and stinking streets in Chennai suburbs and die in those in hunger.
In fact no one in Tamilnadu state seems to be worrying about their rights, rehabilitation or, well-being. Not only that, none of the governments in the country spends money to rehabilitate these poor Indians either. According to statistics, in Tamilnadu there are over 146, 00000 people are living below poverty line.
Not only that, in Tamilnadu there are millions of citizens who suffer from cast violence; a recent video on you tube displays how cruel the caste system is. In the video a low cast law student was attacked by fellow high caste law students in a law school. But no one seems to take note on this huge elephant sitting their living rooms.

Human rights, rehabilitation or well-being of the poor and low cast people have been hidden in the closets for centuries. But Tamilnadu political heavies have no knowledge about them and they are getting wealthier day by day and shedding crocodile tears on Sri Lankan Tamils living across Polk straight just to get elected.

Meanwhile 23 year-old pro Viko man, R. Krishnamurthy in Tirunelveli village immolated himself last week. In his last letter to his friends he wrote that Tamilnadians should concern more on Sri Lankan Tamils; but unfortunately no one seems to take note on him. Instead, the Tamilnadians are enjoying their still unpacked 24 inch TV sets; which they received as a bribe to vote for DMK during the election. Even though having electricity to their households to turn that TV is just a dream.


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tamilnadu realities (Part 1)

By Hasaka Rathnamalala

So far, highly contaminated breathing air in the city of Chennai, made me sick twice. Unplanned, dusty and stinking city of Chennai is overwhelmed with election fever. Incumbent Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s huge cut-outs seem to be an indication that he is not ready to bow out yet. Opposition leader Ms. Jayalalitha is looking for new issues and this time allied with pro LTTE hit groups, in order to make a change; but seems to be failing according to latest polls. For whatever reason, for the first time in a long time; Sri Lanka is not an election issue in Tamilnadu. Even though they raised fishermen issues with Sri Lankan navy, in the early part of the campaign; it did not catch the anticipated spin.

There are many issues in the air, but no one seems to be interested of bringing them out. Millions of Tamilnadu citizens are living in shanty towns and millions more are living outdoors on the road. Water born diseases are frequent even among those who are living in good houses. Pipe born water seems to be the disease carrier. Even bottled drinking water needed to boil before drinking. No toilet facility for millions and going out on the side of the road is a common site in the morning. Discrimination based on Hindu caste system is a common issue in every work of life. Poor are always poor and wealthy people getting wealthier; if there will be no solution to dangerously unequal distribution of wealth, it will definitely ruin India’s modern day economy quicker than you think. I am sure there are thousands of more issues throughout the state to be solved, but in the lack of Sri Lanka as an issue; Tamilnadu politicians have decided to distribute free laptops and grinder mixers to voters. Currently the laptop distributer is leading the polls and the grinders have no much demand.

Even though time to time Tamilnadu politicians are making huge noises about Sri Lanka we should not make the mistake of reading those noises, as Tamilnadu citizens are deadly obsessive of the issues of Sri Lankan Tamils, LTTE or their so called separation struggle. Any such passion has been buried with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

Today Tamilnadu Tamils are more “Indian” than “Tamil”, and therefore Sri Lankan Tamils are far away in their priority list. Even, being a Sri Lankan Tamil and living in Tamilnadu is a gun raising cum eye rising event. Every Indian embassy throughout the world has received clear instructions to watch out for Sri Lankan Tamils with connection to LTTE trying to sneak into Tamilnadu. Most Sri Lankan Tamils I met in Chennai like to identify them as Sri Lankans rather than Tamils; they seems to be much more interested in speaking Sinhala with me rather than English or Tamil. I challenge those Ealam dreaming diaspora Tamils who are still waving LTTE flags in every corner of western cities, to visit Tamilnadu once; and realize that you are alone and have been used by selfish Tamilnadu politicians to fulfil their day today petty political aspirations.

One of the reasons, these Tamilnadu politicians bullying Sri Lanka is the Katchchathive island issue. Even though the central government of India resolved its issues by signing “Katchchathive agreement” with the Sri Lankan government; Tamilnadu bullies are still raising Katchchathive as a fishermen’s issue; and use that to tap into voters in their costal belt.

In fact the truth is these fishermen in Tamilnadu want its politicians to negotiate a free encroachment deal to Sri Lankan waters and let them exploit Sri Lanka’s natural resources whenever and whatever the way they want. According to some Tamilnadu fisheries experts, thousands of Tamilnadu trawlers are encroaching Sri Lankan borders on day to day basis and very few get caught. For that they make big noises. The noise about necessity of renegotiating “Katchchathive agreement”, is a way of pulling the envelop back in to the table. Indian central government also wanted to keep this harassment going as it is in the business of using Tamilnadu, as a pawn against Sri Lanka in its regional struggles.

In fact, some parts of “Katchchathive agreement”, such as allowing Tamilnadu fishermen to dry their nets in the island is unrealistic, according today’s realities; because there are hardly any peddle boats go fishing that far today and all you see is thousands of “three day” trawler boats which go directly to their anchoring points at the end of harvesting. What they really need is to use Katchchathive as a base when encroaching into Sri Lankan waters. If that happened, Sri Lankan Navy or coast guards may have to increase their strength to a mammoth level in order to secure their boarders and protect the natural resources of the island nation.

Today, silver screen gods and their cultures have taken over Tamilnadu politics; and they are expecting a win in every step of the way; as in their cinema life. Question is would these heavies ever understand the reality or would the voters of Tamilnadu ever realize that they have been involuntarily casting as sub characters of an unrealistic Tamil commercial movie and don’t know how to get out of it? Until they realize that, neighbouring Sri Lanka has to perform the part of the mistaken villain, while actually being victim of an actual villain.