Sunday, June 13, 2010


By Hasaka Ratnamalala
This is an answer to Rajasinham Jayadewan’s article named “Sri Lanka government must stop bashing the Tamil Diaspora” which published on Sri Lanka Guardian last week.
Rajasinham Jayadevan may have just wake up from his Ealam Dream and may have just realized that the money he bet on Prabakaran and his goons has gone in vain. In fact Prabakaran’s goons have disappeared with the collected money and now Rajasinham is trying to find a way to play the game of “Miguel at day and Daniel at night”.
Before Rajasinham wakes up from his Ealam dream there were things happened in the Diaspora. In short, LTTE created so many front organizations in the Diaspora; in Rajasinhams language “legitimate democratic campaigns” and collected so much money and send that money to Prabakaran’s war chest also they started so many business and revenue from those businesses were sent to Prabakaran’s weapons fund. Tamils in the Diaspora were asked and forced to contribute to the war chest.
These so called “legitimate democratic campaign” reached Liberal Democratic politicians in the West and demonize Sri Lanka and her people; they made extreme accusations such as genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka even though such thing never happened. Unfortunately Sri Lankan foreign offices in the Diaspora were not prepared to fight these allegations and therefore the lie became the truth on the eyes of western liberal Democrats. Also these “democratic campaigners” threat those western Liberal Democrats that they could vote as a block and defeat them in the elections unless they take actions against Sri Lanka.
At the end Sri Lanka and her people started to loose foreign aid and support from western countries, apart from the sufferings from terrorism, ignited from the money collected in the Diaspora by so called “democratic campaigners”.
But Sri Lanka fought back and got rid of Prabakaran and the proxy war of Diaspora Tamils, with the collective efforts of the brave soldiers, people of Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan government, its foreign offices, and Sri Lankan Diaspora including some brave Sri Lankan Tamils who resist the resisters on behalf of mother Lanka.
Now Rajasinham wants to get all the dividends of this newborn peace. It is not bad, but first of all Rajasinham has to understand that he can’t play the role of “a Sri Lankan patriot” and a “Tamil separatist” at the same time; he has to decide where he stands first. It is not that hard because there are enough Tamils in the Diaspora who are just playing the role of “patriotic Sri Lankan” while Rajasinhams in the Diaspora treat them as “traitors” and LTTE goons threatening them and their families with death and destruction. But these Sri Lankan Tamils stood by their mother land despite these separatist slogans and attacks. Instead of doing the same, Rajasinham is trying to over-run these dedicated real Sri Lankan Tamils while charging Sri Lankan government is bashing “democratically campaigning” Diaspora Tamils as LTTE sympathizers.
Further more Rajasinham is trying to create a division between Sri Lankan foreign offices and the Sri Lankan Diaspora by calming “The Sri Lanka foreign missions have become the mouthpieces of the extremist Sinhalese nationalist sentiments”.
Rajasinham also has to realize that protecting mother land from anti Sri Lankan propaganda of so called “democratic Campaigners” in the Diaspora is not propagating “extremist Sinhalese nationalist sentiments”. It is only a collective answer to the well organized Sri Lanka bashing by the pro LTTE Tamils in the Diaspora.
If Rajasinham’s so called Diaspora Tamils wanted to be real Sri Lankans, first they should revoke their separatist sentiments from their minds; if so, Sri Lankan Diaspora is ready to hug and welcome them with open hearts. To make it easy we suggest all foreign offices to carry a “reconciliation book” parallel to “Lessons learnt and truth and reconciliation commission “where those pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora members could log all of their sins against the motherland and become a real Sri Lankan. We are ready to forget all that from our minds and hearts for the good future of our mother land; in fact that may be a “Sinhalese Buddhist sentiment”.
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