Friday, January 29, 2010


By Hasaka Ratnamalala

Nearly Sixty percent of the Sri Lankans chose incumbent president Mahinda Rajapaksha to run their country for another six years. This is the first island wide presidential election Sri Lankans had since 1982, without any hindrance from Tamil Tigers. The other significant incident in this election was the sudden appearance of retired army commander, General Sarath Fonseka as the main presidential contender against President Mahinda Rajapaksha. Sri Lankans claim Fonseka’s appearance in the presidential race is a clear indication of the western influence in Sri Lankan politics. Sri Lankans also claim that since the success of the war against LTTE, western countries were looking for some one to replace Sri Lanka’s leadership. They claim, west was looking for a clear “regime change”. But people in Sri Lanka spoke loudly and clearly this time, indicating that they do not tolerate Sarath Fonseka the “dictator in waiting” and the western influence comes with him into their nations business any longer.
Sri Lankans feel that instead of congratulating Sri Lanka for defeating world’s most ruthless terrorist organization; west was struggling in many ways to drag Sri Lanka in to war crimes tribunal and resurrect separatist Tamil Tigers. But the over whelming majority of Sri Lankans decided the leader who brought them peace and harmony does not deserve any thing less than the presidency of their nation. General Sarath Fonseka on the other hand also led the army to defeat LTTE but wanted to test his popularity in a separate way by contesting against his commander in chief. Most Sri Lankans believe if Mahinda was not at the presidency, west may have save LTTE once more. That is not just a belief; actually that was what, going to happen during Sri Lanka’s military campaign against LTTE; unless President Rajapaksha ignored, the huge pressure from European Union and the west to stop the operations.
Since then, Sri Lankans believe, west preferred someone in the presidency whom they can control and General Sarath Fonseka was their choice. When considering the fact, that British back door politician James McGrath was the one who was behind Fonseka’s campaign for that presidency; this may not be just a heresy after all.
The reason the west preferred Sarath Fonseka over Ranil Wickramasinghe the leader of UNP (United National Party) to fight Mahinda could have been based on nothing, but their knowledge on heroic treatment received by the war heroes in the Sri Lankan society. But the west made a mistake by not understanding Sri Lankan way of thinking. Above all they didn’t understood how Sri Lankans would treat their traitors. Well, they just found out!
From the early days of election General Fonseka signaled that the he was in fact, the man the west preferred. In a press conference he said that he is planning to take Sri Lankan soldiers into war crimes tribunal. The man who led the war against LTTE eventually turned into a traitor in the minds of Sri Lankans. Did James McGrath put these words into General’s mouth? When considering the immediate reaction from west and joyful reaction of LTTE fronts in the Diaspora, may be that is what the west just requested from this retired soldier. It was well evident LTTE in the Diaspora start pumping money to Fonseka’s campaign. As an example, Canadian LTTE front collected money for an unknown development project in Batticloa area and all landed in Fonseka’s campaign. They all were expecting resurrection of separatist politics in Sri Lanka with the help of future west leaning, dictatorship of Fonseka.
Who are the other players in General’s campaign; his main partner was battered UNP the right wing political party of Sri Lanka, which took the side of LTTE on the request of west through out the Sri Lankan military campaign against that organization. The leader Ranil Wickramasinghe was publically expecting defeat of the Sri Lankan security forces during the military campaign, while him being the opposition leader of the same country. How on earth can some one trust such an irresponsible person? Such a traitor in Sri Lankan standards, is not suitable for the post of opposition leader of any given country.
Another main partner of General Fonseka’s alliance was one-man political party leader Mangala Samaraweera who chose the same path as Ranil Wickramasinghe without any proper issues but due to his personal jealousy with Mahinda Rajapaksha and his cabinet.
Another partner Mano Ganeshan is a racist Tamil leader who calls for international intervention on Sri Lanka to save LTTE leader Prabakaran during the military campaign against LTTE. There is no much difference between him and the defeated Muslim Congress leader Rahuff Hakeem. Can a war hero go with a bunch of Sri Lanka bashers like this? He automatically became a TRAITOR in the eyes of Sri Lankans.
Fonseka’s agreement with Tiger Appointed TNA (Tamil National Alliance) sealed the TRAITORS deal in the eyes of Sri Lankan voters. But Fonseka’s camp managed to hide details of “TNA-Fonseka” agreement from the Sri Lankan voters; therefore TNA lost their right to use, Fonseka’s 40% as their mandate for a separate state. Also there were tremendous amount of Tamils vote for President Mahinda Rajapaksha and tremendous amount of Sinhalese voters vote for Fonseka, without knowing the exact details of Fonseka-TNA agreement. Therefore, this election definitely was not a referendum for TNA to take its separatist agenda forward.
What about JVP? (Peoples’ Revolutionary Front) It has been a short sited political party which happens to be looking for quickest method to grab the political power in Sri Lanka. The theory or the explanation JVP had given to its low level carders was, that they were expecting General Fonseka to step out from his agreement with JVP and became a military dictator. In such situation JVP believed, it will create an atmosphere for JVP to leave the General Fonseka and rise as the liberators and carry on Sri Lanka’s leftist revolution. A bloody theory, that Sri Lankans would never wanted to take place in their motherland again. Does a country just get out from a huge mess after thirty long years would wants to have a bloody mess again? This cruel theory made thousands of JVP’ers to leave their party. JVP leaders shamefully isolated themselves and hide under the umbrella of a bunch of world class traitors; Sri Lankans say. They also claim that JVP leaders are getting funded by west through one of their ghost leaders currently living in Australia. The west must have thought it was worthwhile to have JVP on Fonseka’s side because JVP was earlier considered as the king makers of the south.
What would be the situation if General himself would be elected? We have enough evidence that he is not the person that he claims himself. It was becoming evident during the campaign that “Yahapalanaya” or the good governance was not in his practice while he was the commander of the Army. He has been a commander who did not tolerate the sweat of a soldier. Women soldiers were having disgusting experience with him while some of them were considered privileged. His son in law was awarded arms deals in a tender board headed by General Fonseka himself. His speeches did not carry political massages instead; they carry death threats to his opponents. There is information that during the campaign he was preparing for a bloody coupe against Rajapaksha government. Hundreds Ex-army commandos were found in hotel rooms nearby president’s house. These are the signs of nothing, but a bloody dictator in waiting.
Unfortunately, this is the man and his crew so called democratic west choose as their candidate to run Sri Lanka for them. There are more information coming out, elaborating General Fonseka’s Idi Amin characteristic. It seems General Fonseka is in hot seat now. But will the democratic west save him? At the end of the election, he made an open request to his masters in the west, to save him. His call was to invade Sri Lanka?

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