Friday, December 18, 2009

WHY? General!

By Hasaka Ratnamalala

General has done what we never ever thought that he would do. Making a statement betraying his own colleagues in the war against terrorism in Sri Lanka is none excusable error. Even though he later claimed that his statement was misreported by the media; it was too late. Because we are living in a world where most of the political decisions are taken not based on facts, but by the hearsays and lies like the general`s statement. May be that is what they wanted from the General. As an example, US invasion on Iraq was purely decided on a lie of “weapons of mass destruction” by an angry ex-Iraqi scientist. He got lots of money for it.

Media savvy western politicians always make their decisions against small countries like Sri Lanka based on the popularity; it was not necessarily based on facts. In this process, media has been doing a major role. In another word it has been “trial by media” always. Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora knew this very well and played it accordingly. Therefore, when they make any allegations against Sri Lanka they always make sure to make the worst allegation first as it gain more coverage in the media and then to the politicians.

Just after the war LTTE lobby has lost such allegations and waiting for something to come out. They tried IDP situation several times but failed, they tried war crimes using Channel 4 story but failed, now there is this General’s statement that they can play with for a while and may be if we are so unlucky, it might create the momentum they have been waiting for a long time.

Those people like us, who tried our best to counter each and every such LTTE allegations in the western world; would never respect General again, as with this statement he damaged our reputation to the bone! In a way we can now believe that Pro LTTE western world has found the person they have been looking for several years. They tried with Ranil, but failed because his close connection with LTTE and its western allies. But all of a sudden they found a war hero a member of a highly respectable group of people in Sri Lanka with the help of JVP, which now happen to be acting as a NGO rather than a Political party.

Why General? Not like other countries we have been taking care of our soldiers very well. They have been a highly respected group of people in our society even at the end of the war. We will never need to make movies like “Rambo” or “Taxi Driver” to make our society tolerable to our war heroes. We witness that in the success of the “Api Wenuwen Api “program. But the western world has no clue on how we will treat our traitors. They will see it in the next presidential election!

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