Saturday, October 18, 2008

India: A Chicken in an Elephant body!

India; A Chicken in an Elephant body!

By Hasaka Rathnamalala

Once again for the third time in three days an Indian official called on Sri Lankan counterpart on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. This time the Indian foreign minister called Sri Lanaka’s high commissioner on the request of LTTE; a banned terrorist organization.

A man hiding thirty feet under ground sending remote signals through his Tamilnadu antenna to control world’s largest democracy! What a shame?

It is now very clear the ambitions of Tamilnadu chauvinist politicos are to save LTTE terrorists from the grip of Sri Lankan army. It is a shame that mighty Indian government is surrendering to LTTE demands and keeps barking LTTE slogans to Sri Lankan high commissioner and other officials. Is this the way worlds largest democracy should behave in a moment of truth? What a shame?

India is surrendering to the killer of one of her great sons, Rajeev Gandhi and allowing to attack and burn her national Newspaper “The Hindu”. What next is the question? Doesn’t India have a national police force to crack down on LTTE terrorists in Tamilnadu and tell them that India is a democracy not a terror state?

Tamilnadu chauvinists always wanted to make Tamilnadu a separate state. Fighting in Sri Lanka is a part of that wider agenda. A small part of Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora affiliated with LTTE is funding that agenda. A failure in Sri Lanka is a great disaster for them. LTTE funded Tamilnadu goons are in a mudslinging campaign over Sri Lanka and taking over the situation in Tamilnadu and jealous big Tamilnadu politicos like Karunanidhi joined the bandwagon just to save themselves in the next election; on the cost of innocent Sri Lankan Tamil civilians. Is this the way protecting Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka?

Of cause India or Tamilnadu politicos don’t have any clue about Tamils in Sri Lanka. It is Sri Lankan government who feed them and nourishes them even they are in Tiger held areas. Even though war has been there for over two decades Sri Lankan government kept sending weekly quota of foods, medical items and essential goods because still Wanni is a part of Sri Lanka and those innocent Tamil civilians are citizens of Sri Lanka not Tamilnadu or India.

Earlier Sri Lankan army managed to beat all LTTE operatives from Eastern province with zero civilian causalities today they are applying it to Wanni. Eastern province today is in democratic path and developing very rapidly. Of cause we all know how Tamilnadu government treat Indian Tamils when they came back home from Sri Lanka under Srima-Shasthri agreement.

How about today? Are the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in refugee camps in Tamilnadu are safe? They are suffering in those camps with lack of facilities. Do those Tamilnadu LTTE Muppets drop a single tear on them? Are they not Tamils? This is where Indian central government should step up and take action. Barking LTTE terrorist slogans to Sri Lanka is not an act of a regional leader.

What India should do in this hour is to educate Tamilnadu citizens about the real situation in Sri Lanka and ask Velupillai Prabakaran to release all Tamil civilians he is holding in Wanni as a human shield. Let them come through the safe passage Sri Lankan army has created and let them reach the cleared areas.

That is how we should protect Tamils in Sri Lanka. If Indian central government has guts to do that Tamilnadu politicos will never be able to take Sri Lankan Tamils on a ride and blackmail Indian government. And then we could find out, whom these Tamilnadu politicos are actually trying to save? Is it Tamil civilians or Mr.Velupilli Prabakaran?

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  1. India should be a ashamed of themselves, after having tried to intervene and their own IPKF couldn't handle the Tigers are now, trying to dictate terms to Sri Lanka.

    When will they ever learn to mind their business.


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