Thursday, October 16, 2008

If Tamilnadu Politicians want to save Tamils then let the SL Army destroy LTTE first
By Hasaka Rathnamalala

The statement made by Hon. Prime minister Man Mohan Singh on the Sri Lanka conflict giving us a sense of direction to go in order to find a solution to this two decades old conflict. In his statement Dr. Singh mentioned, “ … the situation in Sri Lanka does not call for military victory but negotiated, political settlement that respects Sri Lankan sovereignty and human rights of ethnic Tamils”. I thing that was what successive Sri Lankan Governments believed and worked for; but unfortunately each negotiation ended with more blood shed as LTTE never believe a negotiated settlement is the answer to this conflict.
In that case a questions arise; with whom Sri Lankan Government should negotiate? Is it LTTE? If the negiaciation is with LTTE will the LTTE agree to a solution within a sovereign Sri Lanka as Dr. Singh mentioned? If the answer is yes! Why LTTE walk away from previous negotiations by giving silly reasons? Not only previous peace talks but also Indian brokered 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution were fine optunaties for a genuine group who would look for real solution to this conflict. Unfortunately LTTE trusted and believed more on their military power and finally check met with President Mahinda Rajapaksha.
Successive Sri Lankan governments after 1983 have recognized and utilized almost all Tamil demands except a separate country. But still LTTE wanted to fight for a separate country, as living in an undivided Sri Lanka is not what they want. LTTE does understand they will never get a separate country by negotiation. What they demanding now is “Tamils don’t have a country of their own”. Is that a Sri Lanka’s problem? If LTTE wants a separate country for Tamils they might be thinking Sri Lanka is an easy escape goat than India or Malaysia because making that demand in Tamilnadu or in Malaysia would be disastrous for them instead carving a country for Tamils in Sri Lanka will give those elements a huge boost.
India should understand now the risk of saving LTTE at this point is a grave threat to national security of their own country. Because those who crying on saving Tamils in Sri Lanka are actually crying for to save LTTE from the grave situation they are facing in Killinochchi. If those voices are actually crying for Tamils they should know 54% of total Tamil population living in Sri Lanka are living among Singhalese in other provinces. Out of other 46% major portion is living in Eastern province and the other part is in Jaffna peninsula. These Tamils don’t support LTTE or it’s terrorism. Infact they have chosen democratic path to gain their demands. There are so many Tamil ministers in the present Sri Lankan government. So many high-ranking government officers in every part of the government services. Those Tamils are working for one Sri Lankan identity not for a Tamil only identity. Tamilnadu and Indian politicians must understand this truth on Sri Lanka before they bark on Sri Lanka’s internal matter. Also they should understand Sri Lankans cannot go forward as a country without getting rid of LTTE terrorism. If Tamilnadu politicians really want to support Tamils in Sri Lanka then help Sri Lankan government to destroy LTTE once for all. That will help Tamils in Sri Lanka to live in peace.

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