Thursday, May 1, 2008


By Hasaka Rathnamalala

Thanks to the power hungry western politicians it is much easier now to bully a small nation just on the sake of coming to power. It has become the well established practice of British MP Keith Vass to London Mayor Ken Livingston, Liberal politicians in Toronto, Canada or U.S. Democratic nominee candidate Mrs. Clinton and the latest terrorist ally Scarborough’s new conservative party organizer Mr. Chuck Konkel. All of them found easy to back LTTE, one of the world’s deadliest terrorists group; is the best way to come to power.LTTE is not a simple terrorist organization it has all shapes and shades, as all Sri Lankans know it by heart, it could come in civilian clothes one time and on the next moment it could be a deadly suside bomer. It could create different front organizations over night and lobby politicians and use them for their gains. It has made its opponent the democratically elected Sri Lankan government looks like the villain on the eyes of Western politicians and uses them to tap the Tamil vote bank in their ridings. But what they have to understand is their petty political gains are based on the death bodies of innocent Sri Lanka civilians.

In recent fund raising dinner held in Toronto Mr. Chuck Knokel presented unsigned so called “citizen report” prepared by another LTTE front organization based on lies and hearsay. The interesting thing is all these lies and hearsay is look similar in wording wherever the world it appears. It means all coming from the same source. The recently former US deputy attorney general hired by LTTE front in US on a $90,000.00 PR contract use the similar wording in his writing to discredit GOSL. What are they trying to attain? To stop on going attacks against LTTE hide outs in Wanni Jungle of Sri Lanka. Why? To stop the capture of Prabakaharan, the leader of LTTE and the mass murderer of this decade. In other word these western politicians trying to do is to save one thug while jeopardizing the lives of all Sri Lankan civilians.

Any democratically elected government should have the right to protect its civilians from any sorts of violent attacks from terrorist groups. Unfortunately what is happening is the opposite. These hypocritical western politicians bars all attempts taken by GOSL to protect its civilians; but safeguard LTTE interests just on the sake of coming to power. As this is the fact GOSL have no other choice but to ignore western remarks on the conflict and carry on the mandate given to it by the people of Sri Lanka and find allays who can understand the pain of terrorism.

In a recent BBC news article sourcing a western NGO name “Safe World” tried to stop GOSL arms deal with another democratic country in Eastern Europe. While same BBC and the so called NGO keeping a blind eye on LTTE arms smuggling to Sri Lanka’s Northern Jungles. According to a latest intelligence reports a massive stockpile of artillery shells were embarked in northern jungles in SL by LTTE. If that is so how the GOSL face this threat without arming its forces? This has been the reality GOSL has to face while fighting LTTE terrorism.

During Past two decades each and every elected SL governments tried to settle this internal conflict peacefully with LTTE each and every time LTTE moved away from talks giving some unrealistic reasons. After failing another peace talk attempt with LTTE the present SL government decided to choose the path to eliminate LTTE from the Sri Lankan soil while perusing a political solution to democratic Tamil population. Which proved to be a success; SL ARMY recently cleared entire Eastern province and hold local government elections and provincial elections are coming on 10th of May.

Eastern province is a multi ethnic province, which was under the clutches of LTTE terrorism earlier. A massive development program is under way with the help of donor countries to elevate the lives of innocent civilians who suffered for two decades. GOSL is hoping it will be able to clear last two northern districts from LTTE terrorism and establish democracy in those districts as soon as possible. Western politicians should see this progress and praise GOSL for its fine work towards establishing democracy. It is a fault of Sri Lankan government which couldn’t do an effective propaganda campaign internationally on what they have achieved so far, but it is not right to bully GOSL and the people of Sri Lanka for not doing so.

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