Friday, May 30, 2008

Vilifying Sri Lanka based on Nobel “Cry wolf”

By Hasaka Rathnamalala

Loss of Sri Lanka’s seat at UNHRC, and the drama before that, explains the level of international conspiracy against Sri Lanka. Even though the international conspirators try to portrait something else, well organized terrorism and inequality and hypocrisy in the international politics has won the day. The matter above us is to find weather we have a genuine case against Sri Lanka to ”cry wolf” like this.

While fighting ruthless LTTE terrorists, Sri Lanka has been keep up with world body and opened its doors to so called human rights “Watch-dogs” and observers. This is not the way a dictators or massive human rights violators behave. Sri Lanka always allowed itself to discuss it’s troubles and ask for help and request tools to develop it’s human rights mechanism, even though Sri Lanka’s own legal system has tooth to handle human rights monitoring itself.

Most critics don’t understand or does not wanted to understand Sri Lanka’s legal system. It is much more accessible to it’s population than any western country. Just by sending a simple letter to Chief Justice could open a human rights lawsuit at the Supreme Court. Bar association will appoint a free lawyer for the plaintiff; a facility which normally a service, bared with so much red tape in West. In most western countries getting help from legal system is depend on how wealthy you are. But it was never like that in Sri Lanka. Doors were always open in the legal system despite their income level. This tolerance could never seen in any other 3rd world country either. This is the tradition we have been practicing for a long time. As US deputy assistant secretary for human rights and labor Ms. Erica Barks Ruggles recently commented “ Sri Lanka has necessary institutional framework in place to monitor human rights violations…” (Embassy News May 24th 2008, US Embassy website for Sri Lanka and Maldives)

But, then why; the international community acting so naively on Sri Lanka? The reason is the conspiracy created by LTTE and its affiliate NGO’s.

Sri Lanka is dealing with most deadly and sophisticated terrorist outfit in the world (FBI, January 10th 2008, There are LTTE paid spin-doctors in most News agencies and INGOs through out the world. LTTE agents are active Even in UN agencies. Bribing and misleading eminent persons through out the world is part of LTTEs practice. When all scream at the same time it is becoming a big story as far as no one to deny or not allowed to deny, the lie become the truth. The media serves an ex parte justice. As Sri Lankan Government hasn’t got similar facility or plans to counter these LTTE media operations in the international level, it is worth while reviewing some of these media cries and what is the reality behind those “wolf cries” are about.

Sri Lanka’s “Sinhala” dominated government.

Most news agencies cut and paste this term in most of their news items on Sri Lanka. This term create misconception about Sri Lanka and it’s people, on the mind of the reader. We never see similar terms used against any western country in the world even the media could use terms such as “white dominated government” or “Christian dominated government”.

According to latest census report, population of Sri Lanka divide into; Singhalese 73.8%, Sri Lankan Moors 7.2%, Indian Tamil 4.6%, Sri Lankan Tamil 3.9%, other 0.5%, unspecified 10% (2001). Is there anything wrong with the government representing its population? There are Tamil and Muslim Ministers in the government thousands of Tamils and Muslims holding high-ranking posts in different sectors of the government. Tamils and Muslims move freely in other parts of the country with Singhalese. Tamil and Singhalese both are official languages. But unfortunately these media organizations never cut and paste real truth like “LTTE killed most of democratic Tamil Politicians and civilians”

Sri Lanka withdraws from CFA and refuses to talk to LTTE.

The point of having a ceasefire agreement is explained in it’s name; but unfortunately that is not what Sri Lanka experienced deauring that period. From the day after signing the Cease Fire Agreement LTTE started killing as usual. Government kept their silence fearing their reaction would used as a reason LTTE to withdrew from CFA but unfortunately at the end Sri Lankan government had to choose between feeding LTTE’s thrust for killing and the common welfare of the general population by employing it’s mandate to eradicate terrorism in the country. After recorded over 3000 CFA violations by LTTE and several failed attempts to bring LTTE into negotiation table GOSL decided to take off gloves and the face the reality. LTTE never shown any willingness to carry on a genuine dialog. LTTE never wanted a solution less than a separate country. Negotiations are possible when parties willing to compromise their stands. In the past two decades government of Sri Lanka has shown its willingness to compromise. Classic example is the 13th amendment to the constitution. But LTTE’s reply to that was killing and Killing.

Sri Lanka works with “Karuna Group” which recruits children into their forces.

In the game of war enemy’s foe is our friend. As Karuna break away from LTTE Sri Lanka forces step close with them in order to receive information on LTTE. That information helps SL forces to free entire Eastern province from the clutches of LTTE and bring that province in to democracy. Local government elections and provincial council elections were held with over 60% of registered voters casting their votes.

Karuna’s practice of recruiting children is coming from his past experience with LTTE. That practice has nothing to do with government of Sri Lanka. To apply law and order on Karuna group as soon as they breakaway from LTTE is similar to Killing an approaching massanenger. Government of Sri Lanka acting patiently with Karuna Group has given results today. It returned over 50 children they recruited and become “TMVP” a political party to represent Tamils in the Eastern province. Karuna’s deputy Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan has become the first chief minister in the Eastern province is an indication this break away group from LTTE has chosen the way of democracy. What is wrong with turning an armed group into democratic political party? On the other hand when reconciliation is possible countries never persecute their political opponents. We never heard AI or HR Watch making noise to punish white murders of South African apartheid government.

Sri Lanka has highest human rights violations.

On a conflict situation human rights violations are evident in any democratic society. But unfortunately what happened in Sri Lanka is, those violations are exaggerated and ex parte justice was done by media; just before analyzing the facts. Most media organizations are politically biased in Sri Lanka. Actions taken by authorities against law breakers never report back in to the media. Latest example is the assassination of Television journalist P. Devakumaran by LTTE. The day after the assassination took place free media movement of Sri Lanka issued a media release discrediting Sri Lankan government on the killing. But now it is reveled the killing actually was done by LTTE because Devekumaran’s father is a very active member of pro government Tamil political party EPDP. His death has nothing to do with his journalism. But still Free Media Movement didn’t withdraw their earlier statement against government. In the global level it is “another journalist killed by government of Sri Lanka”.

Most NGOs use these one sided newspaper reports as their sources and make their money easily. Nobel laureates react to these NGO reports with the help of couple of bundles of cash coming with it. Is this the right way of deciding, who is the culprit?

Thursday, May 1, 2008


By Hasaka Rathnamalala

Thanks to the power hungry western politicians it is much easier now to bully a small nation just on the sake of coming to power. It has become the well established practice of British MP Keith Vass to London Mayor Ken Livingston, Liberal politicians in Toronto, Canada or U.S. Democratic nominee candidate Mrs. Clinton and the latest terrorist ally Scarborough’s new conservative party organizer Mr. Chuck Konkel. All of them found easy to back LTTE, one of the world’s deadliest terrorists group; is the best way to come to power.LTTE is not a simple terrorist organization it has all shapes and shades, as all Sri Lankans know it by heart, it could come in civilian clothes one time and on the next moment it could be a deadly suside bomer. It could create different front organizations over night and lobby politicians and use them for their gains. It has made its opponent the democratically elected Sri Lankan government looks like the villain on the eyes of Western politicians and uses them to tap the Tamil vote bank in their ridings. But what they have to understand is their petty political gains are based on the death bodies of innocent Sri Lanka civilians.

In recent fund raising dinner held in Toronto Mr. Chuck Knokel presented unsigned so called “citizen report” prepared by another LTTE front organization based on lies and hearsay. The interesting thing is all these lies and hearsay is look similar in wording wherever the world it appears. It means all coming from the same source. The recently former US deputy attorney general hired by LTTE front in US on a $90,000.00 PR contract use the similar wording in his writing to discredit GOSL. What are they trying to attain? To stop on going attacks against LTTE hide outs in Wanni Jungle of Sri Lanka. Why? To stop the capture of Prabakaharan, the leader of LTTE and the mass murderer of this decade. In other word these western politicians trying to do is to save one thug while jeopardizing the lives of all Sri Lankan civilians.

Any democratically elected government should have the right to protect its civilians from any sorts of violent attacks from terrorist groups. Unfortunately what is happening is the opposite. These hypocritical western politicians bars all attempts taken by GOSL to protect its civilians; but safeguard LTTE interests just on the sake of coming to power. As this is the fact GOSL have no other choice but to ignore western remarks on the conflict and carry on the mandate given to it by the people of Sri Lanka and find allays who can understand the pain of terrorism.

In a recent BBC news article sourcing a western NGO name “Safe World” tried to stop GOSL arms deal with another democratic country in Eastern Europe. While same BBC and the so called NGO keeping a blind eye on LTTE arms smuggling to Sri Lanka’s Northern Jungles. According to a latest intelligence reports a massive stockpile of artillery shells were embarked in northern jungles in SL by LTTE. If that is so how the GOSL face this threat without arming its forces? This has been the reality GOSL has to face while fighting LTTE terrorism.

During Past two decades each and every elected SL governments tried to settle this internal conflict peacefully with LTTE each and every time LTTE moved away from talks giving some unrealistic reasons. After failing another peace talk attempt with LTTE the present SL government decided to choose the path to eliminate LTTE from the Sri Lankan soil while perusing a political solution to democratic Tamil population. Which proved to be a success; SL ARMY recently cleared entire Eastern province and hold local government elections and provincial elections are coming on 10th of May.

Eastern province is a multi ethnic province, which was under the clutches of LTTE terrorism earlier. A massive development program is under way with the help of donor countries to elevate the lives of innocent civilians who suffered for two decades. GOSL is hoping it will be able to clear last two northern districts from LTTE terrorism and establish democracy in those districts as soon as possible. Western politicians should see this progress and praise GOSL for its fine work towards establishing democracy. It is a fault of Sri Lankan government which couldn’t do an effective propaganda campaign internationally on what they have achieved so far, but it is not right to bully GOSL and the people of Sri Lanka for not doing so.