Monday, March 17, 2008

"Caste of mind" of a cut and paste NGO

By Hasaka Ratnamalala

As the fool behind “Asian Human rights Commission” start to act like the “ bull at the china shop” I, as a citizen of Sri Lanka think that, it is my right to act against such fools because even the criminals has the right to keep his innocence until it is proven guilty. Also I believe protecting the country is part of the duty of the officers who were appointed to answer the questions regarding the country. They have done nothing wrong but done their duty according to the letter. Thus, the Hon. fool behind AHRC who “Cut and Paste” news paper articles into hearsay documents because he doesn’t have any knowledge of what is happening in the country while living a luxury life in “Hong Kong”. He has gone mad because there is no one put attention to his hard work behind the pc. His recent Urgent-letter about un-related “caste of mind…. “, Is just another sample of his poor knowledge about the matters of Sri Lanka.

As any other country with a long history, Sri Lanka also had feudal system but totally different from what is in India and therefore the Indian the story he “paste” as an example does not match at all. The Indian story related to Sri Lanka is, the story of “Sopaka” in Buddhist Jathaka stories. “Sopaka”, a sanitary worker who became a Buddhist monk on the blessings of Lord Buddha and continued to live as an equal in Buddhist society is in fact is our example. That is the story a “Sinhala Buddhist” child would first learn at the “Dhamma” school and it is the first lesson he learns against racism. That is the main reason Ambeckar, India’s National movement leader became a Buddhist with thousands of followers. As the traveler Robert Knox said, “when washed his mud off a farmer, is suitable for kingship” in Sri Lanka; he never said only a “land lord” could be a king in ancient Sri Lanka.

With keeping that in mind I like to remind Hon. Fool behind AHRC, that the people in Sri Lanka accepted their last king “Sri Vickrama Rajasinghe”, even though he was a “Tamil”, the first executive President “J.R. Jayawardane”, even though he was a ”Muslim” and a decade ago another executive president “ Ranasinghe Premadasa”, even though he was from the lowest caste. Also we are proud that we produce the first woman head of state far before hypocritical west ever thought of such an act.

The matter in front of us is a matter of terrorism and we as a country has to rise against all sorts of terrorism and we understand “cut and paste” NGO terrorism is another faction of it.

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  1. Hi Hasaka
    The place name "Batticaloa" itself is
    a distortion foisted on Sri Lanka. The original place names is Sinhala and Tamil are MADAKALAPUVA and MATTAKALAPU.
    Vaddukkoddei is Batakotte
    Killinochchi is Giraanikka
    Kantalai is Gantale
    Kalkuda is GALTHUAAVA
    et etc.

    pople are unaware of the history of the country. Please send this message to other friends.


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